Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mobility and Dignity for Paraplegics

Nirmalya Trust recently celebrated its annual get-together.Every year this is a day for fun for all the differently-abled persons who are a part of Nirmalya Trust.Students sponsored by Nirmalya, candidates working at Sunkisd Plant Nursery and Taruvar (paper bag unit), the two vocational training centres run by Nirmalya, as well as others who have been placed in various jobs by the Trust come together, catch up and relax.The Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Spastic and others all interacted with each other.In a unique way, the Hearing Impaired and the Visually Impaired played 'musical chairs' together; their companionship was reflective of their comfort level.
This year (on August 7, 2010) Nirmalya presented 2 Activa scooters fitted with invalid carriages (side-wheels) to 2 paraplegic candidates - Shekhar Mahandule, a D.Ed student and Ramesh Hadavale, a caretaker in a school.

This initiative was taken up 4 years back.On observing the biggest hurdle for a paraplegic, mobility, Mrs. Meena Bedarkar, the founder of the Trust, set the wheels in motion (literally!).
The Trust chose those candidates who would put the vehicle to good use as well as maintain them.
Dilip Kale, the first person to receive the two-wheeler taught typing to students in his village.His income was barely Rs.1500/- per month.Today, because of the two-wheeler he is able to commute wherever he pleases.He now works as an LIC agent.Mobility has brought stability, self sustainability and dignity.
Sunita Walekar and Nilesh Khodaskar also have similar tales of comfort.
There are many others who are waiting for Nirmalya to help them.
Nirmalya depends on support of society. Each vehicle costs Rs. 60,000/- with side-wheels, registration, helmet, transportation, other fittings and accessories.
Hasan, a diploma holder in I.T. (with distinction) is our next candidate.
His parents are day labourers at construction sites.They have educated all their four children well.Unfortunately Hasan lost his older brother (his educational support) in a road accident.After a gap and inspite of a traumatic year of sorrow and acceptance, Hasan passed his exams with distinction.He wants to pursue his studies but financial restrains have forced him to work.
A young boy in his twenties struggling with such determination deserves our support.
Let us all get together to help a cause which will uplift those who literally crawl if not given support!


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